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ArtSteel Wrought Iron Warranty

Stand Lamp Artsteel Wrought Iron
Stand Lamp
Beautiful craftsmanship and unique design is consistently in our range of wrought iron stand lamp.
Everything is handmade and can be customized to your particular requirements in sizes and colors.

Surface Treatment For Outdoor Use
Hot-dip galvanizing and Epoxy primer and Epoxy topcoat are the optimal surface treatment.
It is also the most expensive. We do not recommend powder coating as it is a cheap solution and a plastic product that will fade over time and which can NOT be painted over as needed.
Products that are powder-coated cannot be re-painted.

ArtSteel Floor Lamp wll06

Dimensions w30 h200
Special offer - ₱ 6,300

ArtSteel Floor Lamp wll09

Dimensions w60 h135/160
Special offer - ₱ 10,800

ArtSteel Floor Lamp wll10

Dimensions w60 h135/160
Special offer - ₱ 4,900

ArtSteel Floor Lamp wll11

Dimensions w60 h135/160
Special offer - ₱9.800,-

ArtSteel Floor Lamp 001
Lamp 001

ArtSteel Floor Lamp 001
Lamp 001 v2

ArtSteel Floor Lamp 002
Lamp 002

ArtSteel Floor Lamp 003
Lamp 003

ArtSteel Floor Lamp 004
Lamp 004

ArtSteel Floor Lamp 005
Lamp 005

ArtSteel Floor Lamp 006
Lamp 006
Special offer - ₱12.800,-

ArtSteel Floor Lamp 007
Lamp 007

ArtSteel Floor Lamp 008
Lamp 008

ArtSteel Floor Lamp 009
Lamp 009

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