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History Of Artsteel Wrought Iron

History of ArtSteel International

As a subsidiary of Edw. A. Olsen Co. Ltd. (established in 1856) ArtSteel is a traditional steelwork business that delivers exquisite craftsmanship, as a result of over 161 years of accumulated experience.

Master Blacksmith Edw. A. Olsen established his black smith and lock workshop in old Christiania in 1856.

On the premises of Etterstad street no. 8, on Vaalerenga, a residential area for the working class, he started with a forge and two assistants. He was followed by his son, master smith Erling A. Olsen, who saw it as his duty to teach his grandson John E. Olsen in corporate crafts. As current chairman of the company John E. Olsen careful verify the design and quality of the company’s product line and is obliged to follow the long family tradition of true quality craftsmanship.

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The Founder Edw. A. Olsen and his son Erling A. Olsen.

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ArtSteel Handcrafted Steel Works creates fulfilling living spaces with unique iron furnishings. If you are looking to create a beautiful home filled with dynamic artisan crafted iron furnishings, home decor pieces and decorative accessories you've come to the right place. You are sure to find a thing or two for your home in our high quality wrought iron, wood and glass home design offerings.

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