Product Care

Wrought Iron Product Care and Knowledge

Wrought Iron Furniture and other related decor available from ArtSteel Wrought Iron comes from blacksmith shop with the intent to satisfy and last a lifetime. However, to properly care for your products after your purchase requires some care and maintenance to keep your items in new condition. We will try to answer all of your questions here and teach you how to care for your furniture and accessories. If you should have a question about something not covered or would like to make a suggestion, please feel free to contact us. The fastest and easiest way to do that would be to visit our Customer Service Page.

Cloth: Stools and seats are also available covered with cloth fabric or unfinished and ready to be upholstered by the purchaser. They are padded with foam and batting that meet non-flammability requirements. To maintain a lush and clean upholstery light vacuuming and dry cleaning of the fabric is recommended to maintain your upholsteries original look and feel. If you should get a stain on your upholstery it is recommended to use a product like Fiber Fresh, this product that is both effective at removing stains as well as odors safely from any type of upholstery, more product info… Avoid using any harsh spot removers or anything containing bleach as they may cause discoloring.

Wrought Iron: Our products are built using hot-rolled and hot-forging techniques which produce some scaling on the finished texture. The traditional techniques of forging, bending, cutting, and welding, leave tool marks on the metal. These discernible marks and variations in the iron are the characteristics of truly handcrafted iron and make each piece distinctly unique. No two pieces are identical and each piece is individually signed by the blacksmith. Some products especially the more modern looking pieces are finished to be smooth and look more refined, no product will disappoint we guarantee that. To maintain the beauty and luster of your iron furniture and accessories we recommend a regular buffing with a soft, lint-free cloth and an occasional application of furniture wax to clean and maintain the finish.

Finish: All of the finishes we offer have a standard durable natural black finish unless otherwise specified. Hand-applied premium finish over the coating base finish and are slightly more delicate but can be maintained in the same way. To maintain your finish we recommend a regular dusting with a soft lint-free cloth and the occasional application of furniture wax to keep a clean protective coating on the finish. A few products we recommend are; Lemon Lite – a cleaner and polish that is simply sprayed on and wiped off, more product info: Shield is a high gloss multi surface polish that is non-abrasive and creates a protective coating more product info:; Brilliance – is an all-purpose surface cleaner that will not leave a high gloss coating on your finish if a natural mate finish is what you prefer, more product info… One Touch Wonder Wax, is a simple to use spray on wax that creates a durable and protective wax coating on your wrought iron furniture finish, more product info…

Wood: We offer wood tabletops, shelves in mahogany. The wood we use is premium cut and pre inspected for quality. Each piece is sanded and finished with a sealer to prevent cracking and chipping and an overcoat is applied for durability. There is a pleasing quality in woods’ natural characteristic so we allow some grain and color variations, and an occasional knot to accentuate the woods individual beauty. To maintain the beauty and luster of the wood we recommend dusting with a lint-free cloth and using a wood cleaner/polish to maintain its brilliance. A product like Lemon Lite is recommended for cleaning any wood surfaces on your wrought iron furniture pieces. Lemon Lite is a simple spray on and wipe off product that restores dull finishes while leaving a film free protective coating behind.

Tile: Some of our tile is coarsely textured cut stone. As in all natural products, there will be deviations in color and textures, as well as open pores. These variations in the stone add inherent beauty and interest to the tile. Since most of the tile available on our wrought iron furniture contains open pores it is recommended to simply clean your tile with a soft lint free cloth, microfiber cloths are great for this. Vacuuming is also recommended as it helps remove any dust or soil deposits that may have settled in the tiles coarse texture and open pores. If you should have to clean your tile more thoroughly, carefully remove the tiles from your wrought iron baker’s rack or shelf and a clean with soapy water. Rinse the tile thoroughly and dry with a clean non-abrasive towel or allow it to air dry.

Glass: Due to the nature of glass, there may be minor individual variation in the surface texture and inclusion of small bubbles. There are currently two choices of edge finish for some tabletops, they are; blasted nipped edge, and polished pencil edge. Our glass torchiere has a hole cut from wire access which might appear chipped, but it is not considered to be defective. Once assembled, this does not affect the quality or appearance of the lamp. To maintain the beauty and luster of your glass surfaces we recommend using a streak free, non-abrasive glass cleaner and a soft lint free cloth to clean your glass. Recommended products for glass cleaning include Sparkle – a safe foaming glass cleaner, more product info: Brilliance is also a wonderful glass cleaner that effectively removes even the toughest o f films from the surface, more product info…

Recommended Products for Cleaning: Our mission here is not only to provide you with quality heirloom furniture and accessories, but to also promote a healthy, clean, and ultimately Green environment. The products we recommend using here are high-end environmentally friendly products from a company we have come to know and trust, we are not responsible for the miss-use of any of their products but can assure you that they work very well for cleaning and maintaining your wrought iron furniture. All of these products are available from North Woodsâ„¢ Chemical, a company dedicated to quality and environmentally safe cleaning products for a healthier home and work place.