About Our Products

Fences & Gates
All fences and gates are delivered with standard paint with anti-rust primer and black, 2 component glossy Jotun paints. Add 25% of the basic price and you can get hot-dip galvanized.

All our furniture is made of solid steel that is heat treated to get the right shape. They are then hand polished / grinded and treated with anti-rust primer. After a careful quality control, the products hand-painted with a coat of flat black paint or glossy black paint industry (unless another color is selected). For maintenance, it is recommended to wipe lightly over with furniture polish and when scratched recommended a shower black matte spray. In this way you have a product that will last for generations.

Our mosaic board fit outdoors as well as indoors. The table tops are framed with iron bands and filled with reinforced concrete where mosaikmønsteret added. Each mosaic bit are hand cut and placed in a complex geometric pattern. It is recommended to add a thin layer of furniture wax on mosaic sheets which will be use outdoors, in order to facilitate cleaning.